January Challenge


...or so many other places. Day 6 is all about straight up conditioning. Just like the other day when we saw a little segment of it, our CYOAs can a run, swim, row, ski, jump rope, dance, whatever you'd like for the duration listed for your track. 

Here's a brand new playlist to kick you off!

Happiness Practice: Clean the Junk Drawer

We all have one and it somehow fills up without us even going near it. Dark magic, people. Day 6 we're attacking that thing and throwing away anything that it's necessary. Batteries - keep. Number of your plumber - keep. Receipt for the chipotle burrito you had six months ago - c’ya. 

Attack that thing with vigor and feel the sweet freedom of a tiny space decluttered. 

Recipe: Thai Quinoa Bowl

There's so much color and beauty in this bowl! The Blissful Basil brings us this and so many more fully loaded veggie options to explore. Colorful weekend ahead!

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