January Challenge

Day 16/21

Day 16's flow is about slowly waking up the spine and giving the back a little love while still working to gently build those muscles. Remember to allow yourself the time and space to focus in on your surroundings and let the outside world go. Providing just 20 minutes of focused attention (of course, much easier said than done) can make a world of difference for the day following and the days to come. 

Workout Videos

Happiness Practice: Be Proud

Take just a second today to let yourself be so proud of everything you are getting after. This is both on the mat and off the mat. You should be insanely proud of getting after your workouts, flows, happiness practices, and healthy eating practices annnndd anything and everything you are working hard to make a reality off. Keep it up, all-stars. 

Recipe: Coconut Curry Butternut Squash Soup

Warm, delicious soup you can make a massive amount of and then freeze the extras for an easy go-to dinner any day of the week. Healthy and you can easily add a protein of choice to spice up the soup later on.

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