January Challenge

Day 04/21

First yoga of our 2019 sessions! Find a nice quiet corner of the house, roll out your mat, and hit play. It's time to slow ourselves down and focus in on our breath while letting our minds practice letting go of anything unneccessary. (A very useful tool for all aspects of life.)

Yoga is also one of the best ways to help the body recover while still getting in a little strength and movement. Recovery is essential when creating a healthy lifestyle and allows all parts of the self to become stronger, more flexible, and connected.

Workout Videos

Happiness Practice: Prep for Sunday

Today we are looking ahead to Day Seven where we're going to aim to have a Screenless Sunday. Did you know that the average American spend over three hours a day on mobil devices? And that doesn't even count our computers. (She says from the computer.) Yikes.

So look ahead to your Sunday and see if you can get ahead of anything that needs to be done from a computer, tablet, or phone and then plan to shut those bad boys down for 24 hours. You'll be amazed at how different you feel. 

Recipe: Dreamy Tangerine Chia Pudding

Friends, what the fancy step up have we come across?! Check out this gorgeous breakfast option from Vegan Yak Attack and get your early morning class on. Any excuse to eat more Chia Seed Pudding is gold in my book, but this is something else. 

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