January Challenge

Hello, beauties! I'm so excited to get after 2019 together and accomplish some goals. Here you'll find each workout option with videos , your Happiness Practice, & a bonus recipes.

Before we get started, remember to always tailor the workouts to fit where your body is at and how you are feeling that day. Scaling movements are always listed on the righthand side of the screen if you'd like to sway out for what is programmed. 

Alright, enough chit chat. Let's get our sweat on!

Happiness Practice: Set it up

Reestablish your 2019 goals by writing them down and posting that list up somewhere you'll see everyday. Keep the list between 3 and 5 goals to help you stay focused and not overwhelmed. Here we go, champions!

Recipe: Braised Artichokes & Garlicy Pecan Bread Crumbs

Start this session out with a beaut! Check out this recipe forBraised Artichokesfrom our friends over at Lexi's Clean Kitchen. Perfect for a weekend bash or a fancy night in. 

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