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Here you will find a couple sample workout & yoga pages to test out. We’d love you to check out our Sample Student Training Journal as well to get a gauge of our philosophy & approach. Memberships for High Schools include new workouts, yoga, and happiness practices every week at multi-levels so students of all fitness levels can participate and feel confident in their workout. Access can be teacher or student based depending on which set-up is best for your school.

At Work. Play. Train. we’re all about creating fun, adaptable, and long lasting programs. It is our goal to provide life-long tools to help every individual (from adults to teens to kids) live a happy, healthy life, learn how to control stress, and how to take health and wellness into their own hands.

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Gran Workout

Time: Around 30 Minutes

Equipment: None

Pankhurst Workout

Time: 35-40 Minutes

Equipment: Chair or Bench, Household Weighted Object or Free Weight


Time: Varies

Equipment: Yoga Mat and Block if you’d like, but not necessary

* At Launch Full Length Yoga flows will be available (40-50 minutes)

Training Journal

Happiness Practice

Self-Recognition Drill: Take out a piece of paper and set your phone timer for two minutes. Hit start and write out everything that you do well, habits you’re proud of, or accomplishments you’ve made. This can be anything from looking out for your siblings and friends to study habits to the fact that you to getting into the school you wanted or realizing you have different plans and committing to making that work.

After the two minutes is up, take an additional minute to look over everything you wrote down. If the little voice in your head isn’t saying it for you, then let me… You’re frickin’ awesome.


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High School Program launches later this spring!

Students have full access throughout the summer in order to explore and test different tools on their own and really see what works for them.

Basic Membership

  • New Programming Every Week with New Follow Along Workout & Yoga Videos

  • New Weekly Happiness Practice

  • Welcome Book & Training Journal

  • Downloadable Worksheets

  • Custom Spotify Lists

  • Student Focused Mindfulness Tools

Rockstar Membership

  • Everything from Basic Membership, plus…

  • H.S. Classroom Breaks for All Teachers To Use In Class

  • Year Round Work. Play. Train. All-Star Membership for all Faculty and Staff

Individual Membership

  • Full Basic Membership you can rock on your own without having to have your school sign up

Email Elizabeth@WorkPlayTrain.com for more details and pricing.