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Work. Play. Train. Kids: Gym Classes will have Warm-ups, Cool Down, Full Length Workout & Yoga Flows, plus stackable units to make sure you are covered no matter what the day or week might bring! Rock out to one of our Work. Play. Train. Kids Spotify lists to make class a total blast.

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sample Workout

All Work. Play. Train. Kids workouts include a warm-up and cool down, so just hit play!

Sample Warm-up & Cool Down

Stream a warm-up before class begins to help teach functional movement patterns, give yourself time to take attendance, and help facilitate movement reflection, adjustments, and interactions with your students.


Cool Down


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Classroom Breaks

Start class off with a little movement, yoga, or mindfulness to help encourage focus, open-mindedness, and creative thinking. Plus a week of Happiness Practices to boost self-reflection, positive social engagement, & positive thinking.

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Backyard Athlete

Create a lifelong love and understanding of how to lead a happy, healthy by providing access to fun, engaging, and encompassing programming. Backyard Athlete includes workouts, yoga, Happiness Practices, and the Brain Box so kids can access health and wellness tools whenever they’d like.

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