December Challenge

Day 11/21

We're getting into a flow with some balance work for Day 11. Find a small window in the day to dedicate to staying focus and slowing down the mind. Don't get too hung up if you fall over or it's awkward (that sounds like me talking to past me about high school). Yoga is all about showing up and feeling in the moment. Go get your zen on and enjoy!


Happiness Practice: Map It Out

Turn to page 35 in your Master Welcome Packet. Take a a few minutes to focus in on where you want to be in five years. Then once you've jotted down everything down, boil down what the check points you need to hit to get there. Work backwards from 5 to 3 to 1 to 6 months. Then keep that sheet close for the next couple weeks. 

(If you did this map out in one of the earlier challenges, then still take the time and check in again. Then recommit to what needs to be done!)

Recipe:  Sweet Potato Taco Bowl

All the wonderful things in one bowl, please. Load up with this jam packed meal from My Kitchen Love. Feel free to swap any ingredience that don't sit well with you.

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