December Challenge

Day 18/21

Here we go! We are into our final yoga of the session and it's time to focus those hearts on all that you've accomplished. Amazing work on and off the mat. Find your quiet corner and dive into our final flow!! (Up on your Membership page.)

Happiness Practice: Create Your Own Mantra

Take some time today to think of three things that bring you joy and make you feel calm and centered. Then as your day and your week go on, use those things to help you in times of stress. Repeat those three things over as many times as needed to help slow the heart and refocus your attention.

Recipe: Crunchy Bean, Quinoa, & Carrot Salad

Okay this may be a summer dish, but I think we can bring it into the winter to help our minds and bodies feel fresh and bright. Check out this salad gem from one of my favorite blogs Green Kitchen Stories.

Light in Me.png
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