December Challenge

Day 07/21

Time to take a load off! You've put in great work this week and are officially a third of the way through. Keep up the great water intake and healthy-ish holiday eating habits today and we'll be back to the grind on Monday!

Happiness Practice: Share your time

Find a charity or service to donate a little bit of your wonderful time to. Taking an hour to step away from ourselves in service to others is a great way to put things in persepective and remind ourselves how important community is. Plus, it's usually a whole lot of fun. 

Recipe: Glowing Spiced Lentil Soup

Lentils! Lentils! Lentils! Check out this bright bowl of delight from Oh She Glows for the perfect winter night meal. A whole bowl of sunshine right on your kitchen table. Plus, lentils for days.  

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