December Challenge

Day 06/21

It's time for our first CYOA (Choose Your Own Adventure) of the session! For all our newbies, a CYOA is a set duration of time that you can do any cardio-based activity that you'd like. This can be running, jogging, swimming, cycling, one minute on/one minute off jump rope, rowing, dancing, stair repeats.... anything your conditioning heart desires is fair game. 

Check out this brand new playlist to help you rock out as well! 

Master Welcome Packet -  Work. Play. Train. Spotify

Happiness Practice: You're so amazing.

Flip to the last page of your Master Welcome Packet to the You're so amazing page. Take 5 minutes to focus in on all your outstanding qualities and jot them down on the paper. This can be anything from your normal "Good at singing", "Good at playing basketball" to your not-so-standard "Good at making people feel welcome" or "Good at prepping the house like an apocolypse is going to come" - whatever it is you do well - jot it down!

Recipe: Cinnamon Roasted Butternut Squash

Time for those holiday parties to start up and the need to bring the perfect side just got real. Well, luckily for all of us Well Plated has us covered with this delicious butternut squash recipe. Have fun being the fit celebrity of your bash!

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