December Challenge

Day 21/21

You did it! 21 days of sweaty workouts and centered flows checked off. It's amazing to put time, energy, and dedication into yourself and your health and makes you and all those around you better for it. Now, get out there and drive this challenge home!

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Happiness Practice: What pushed you?

Take five minutes today to focus in on what pushed you to commit to the full three weeks and get your sweat on? Recognizing our motivations on things we succeed at is a great way to help us better our chances at succeeding at goals down the line. Figure that drive out.

Recipe: Chickpea Burgers

I have been in the mood for a burger for the last week and so here is this beaut from The Gracious Pantry. A sweet little vegetarian option to keep it on the healthier side and still make the belly happy!

Screen Shot 2018-12-22 at 5.19.48 PM.png
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