December Challenge

Day 15/21

Day 15 brings us a glamorous little wheel to help kick off Week Three of our challenge. A wheel is a type of workout where we always return to the same movement between every longer duration of movement (they can also be the same duration depending on the workout). The movement we return to is call the Hub. Day 15's hub is the lovely Air Squat. If the squats become to much, swap out of walking lunges or high knees. Healthy Eating for Week Three up on the main page too.

Let's go, week three!!!

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Happiness Practice: Five Minute Meditation

Find a quiet corner of your apartment or house and sit your booty down. Sit crisscross apple sauce, half lotus, or full lotus (or in a hard back chair) and let your hands rest in your lap or on your knees. Gently close your eyes and slow your breath. Set a timer for 5 minutes and fall into the quiet. Thoughts will come in naturally and the trick is to let them be and not try to get too caught up in them. Acknowledge that they're there and then let them go on by. 

Recipe: Sweet Potato Turmeric Soup

Turmeric is great for reducing inflammation and helping the body feel good. Then mix in some sweet potato and your soul will feel as happy as your body. This litte blend brought to you by The Endless Meal. 

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