December Challenge

Day 12/21

Officially halfway through the challenge, darlings! We're going after a pretty heavy leg-focused workout today and you are going to rock it. Remember to take a tiny break when needed and then get right back into it.

You are amazing! Get to it!!

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Happiness Practice: Spread the Happiness

Time to share your love and compassion with all those around you. Day 12's goal is make 5 people a tiny bit happier if even for a moment. Smile at a stranger, give someone a genuine out of the blue compliment, hold a door, and share kindness and love and all the joy!

Recipe: Vegan Trail Mix Cookies

Let's be honest, it's cookie season. So might as well make it a delicious, healthish, bright cookie to bring to all your parties (and maybe sneak a few on the side). Simply Vegan Blog providing you with this little gem. 

Chocolate Recovery.png
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