December Challenge

Day 09/21

Our first set today is a straight forward couplet aimed to be delightful. And intense. Okay, fine... more intense than delightful, but you wouldn't have like it if I started with intense. They're quick durations, so maximize your speed while keeping that fantastic form I know you are rockin' on the daily. Then we're getting after a bit of a core focused set to close out your beautiful day. 

Long and short of it is you're going to have a blast!

Master Welcome Packet -  Work. Play. Train. Spotify


Happiness Practice: OOTB Text

Another one of my favorties! Text someone you haven't spoken to in awhile for and Out Of The Blue hello and let them know someone is thinking about them. I guarentee you you'll brighten their day!

Recipe: Sweet Potato and Black Bean Shepherd's Pie

You guys! I have not made this, but it is at the top of my list. All thing I love put into a shepherd's pie?! Someone make this immediately and let me know if it's going to live up to my very high expectations. Check out the rest of this amazing blog while your around. 

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