December Challenge

Day 05/21

We're back to our rounds for Day 5's workouts and we're stepping up the intervals a bit to change the type of burn we feel. Settle into the movement and take a break where needed, but try to keep the breaks within three breathes. Going in with a set break duration helps push us back into the workout where otherwise we might want to take that extra little bit. 

Now, get to work!

Master Welcome Packet -  Work. Play. Train. Spotify


Happiness Practice: Awkwardly Long Hug

One of my favorites! Find someone who looks like they could use a hug and provide one for them. Then keep hugging. And then hug a little more. Then just a little more. Then release. 

For referenceMy loving sister

Recipe: Vegan Tortilla Soup

The colder it is outside the warmer it becomes in the kitchen! Time to bring a little soup into the action this month with The Minimalist Baker's Tortilla Soup recipe. She has a great collection of meals (and desserts!) so be sure to check out the site. #Yuuuuummmm 

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