December Challenge

Day 02/21

Amazing work getting after your first Benchmark Day! Today we are going to go into our Blended workout of CYOA and Rounds to weave together our cardio and strength. A CYOA is a Choose Your Own Adventure and you can decide which movement will work best for you. This can be running, swimming, jump rope, stairs (a winter favorite), dance off, rowing, etc. Anything that is cardio-based is fair game!

Nice job, athlete! Get out there and find some sweat. 


Happiness Practice: Say hello

Sometimes it's the simplest things that can change the direction of our day. (Okay, fine... it usually is the simplest things that change the direction of our day.) Pull yourself into the moment by making it a point to say hello to at least three strangers today and paying attention long enough to see their full reaction. This tiny act of kindness makes a world of difference to both the recipent's mind and our own. 

Recipe:  Lentil and Feta Salad

When you have no time to waste cooking up dinner or whipping together a healthy lunch option, this is your go to. Just a few simple ingredients and boom the meal is ready to go!

Pitch Perfect.png
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