August 21 Day Challenge


Alrighty, folks! This is what I'm talking about. We are in the final stretch of our Challenge and you are absolutely killing it. I am so, so, so proud of you. Day 19 is the Potter Workout and you will need a chair or bench and a weighted household object to complete. Keep the intensity around a 7 today so as not to completely wipe yourself out before your final benchmark!

Bring on the homestretch!!

Level One

Level Two

Level Three

Happiness Practice: 5 Positive Things

Today's Happiness Practice is centered around brining up positive things throughout the day while in coversation. Instead of immediately going to the negative or terrible things that are happening in the world or around you, bring up something positive first. Again, it is vital we talk about the bad but it is also imperative to our long-term health and sanity that we learn how to recognize both - to ourselves and in conversation with others.

Bring up something funny you saw, something you are proud of in your life, some kindness you heard someone else doing... add the good and we'll make taking on the bad so much easier (and will be able to do it for longer).

Recipe: Fig and Anise Seed Bread

Making bread with my sisters and Ma growing up is one of my favorite memories. The smell, the gigantic mess, the immediate eating after - pure joy. Check out this amazing and delicious gem from Happyolks to bake up over the weekend or whenever you're feeling like you need a little homemade warmth in your life!

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