August 21 Day Challenge


Our wonderful Stark Workout is a straight forward set of Cycles. The goal here is to maximize your intensity while keeping strong form and focus. No equipment is needed for this bad boy, so head on out to the park or beach and get your summer sweat on.

Level One

Level Two

Level Three

Happiness Practice: Five Minute Reset

Take five minutes today and do not do anything on a screen or in relation to work. You can literally sit there and do nothing but breathe for five minutes. You can read, draw, walk down the block. Do anything that takes you away from the continued go, go, go and see how much more energy you have after just five minutes!

Recipe: Portobello Steaks

Durning college I ate these almost every day for two years. Either as stand alones like here or as a burger. It's unreal how delicious they are. Enjoy this delightful dinner option.

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