August 21 Day Challenge


We are back into our benchmark workout and tests already! Make sure to take out your Training Journal and log how many reps you were able to get in of push-ups and air squats and how the workout felt overall.

You are doing an unbelievable job. I know Day 09 was a doozy, but know that will be the longest workout you have for the whole challenge, so big cyber high-five for getting through it! Keep up the amazing work!!

Tomorrow’s meet-up will be at the triangle park at the corner of Shabonee Trail and and Hi Lusi Ave. in Mount Prospect, IL at 6:45 am.

Workout Videos

Level One

Level Two

Level Three

Happiness Practice: Share the Happy

Tell someone about a time you were truly happy. Some funny experience or a moment in time where everything felt right. We tend to share, discuss, reflect on all the bad that is happening around us, to us, or in the world and these are important matters to communicate, but in order to do our best work and make the largest impact on changing the bad we must understand and share the good in the same way. It provides hope, levity, and a greater sense of community.

Recipe: For The Family on the Go

Check out Weelicious for a number of packable, healthy lunches that won't have your kids begging to trade with the other kids in class. Here's a Roll It Up collection with a number of recipes for you and the bambinos to try.

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