August 21 Day Challenge


Today is all about keeping the body moving, but not going to your full intensity. We're letting our muscles and hearts get a little bit of relaxed attention before we go all out for our last Benchmark workout! Pick your CYOA poison, make it happen, and then get ready for 21/21!!

September Challenge sign-up is up and ready if you're looking to keep your streak going.

Headphones in, bodies moving

Happiness Practice: Just Be Proud

You are unbelievable! All I want you to do is take two minutes to recognize the fact and be as proud of yourself as I am of you. That's it for the day!

Recipe: Shredded Brussels Sprouts & Arugula Salad

Summer to it's fullest, baby. Prep this one for Labor Day Weekend to impress all your friends and family. From the awesome Cookie + Kate where you can find a whole beautiful collection!

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