August 21 Day Challenge


Okay, people! Time to go out and have some fun with your Day 7. This can be going and grabbing a buddy for a nice long walk, heading to the pool for a couple nice & easy laps, or finding your nearest mountain to stroll up. Find something that gets you up, moving, and feeling good without breaking too much of a sweat!


Happiness Practice: Self Check-in

Take 2-5 minutes today to reflect on all the hard work you've put in over the course of the last week. You pour sweat, got the blood pumping, worked the brain, worked the heart, and now are going to dive into week two like the boss you are! You seriously are amazing and I am so proud of everything you are accomplishing.

Recipe: Game Night Crispy Bruschetta

I'm not really into football, but I am very much into eating food while others watch football. With pre-season games getting underway check out this amazing take on a classic recipe that will be sure to impress all you football loving and football food loving buds.

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