August 21 Day Challenge


Time to get outside and get after any cardio-based activity your heart desires. Below you'll find the set duration for your level. Pop in the headphone and hit the pavement, water, rower - whatever you'd like and go, go, go. Then Day 7 is all about the Active Rest.

Let's do this!

Check out a couple of the WPT playlists if you are in need of some cardio tunes.

Headphones in, bodies moving

Happiness Practice: Get Out the Door

This one is an easy one if you can weave your CYOA in, but if not then find a way to get outside and spend a bit of time in nature. Spending time in nature can help improve your short term memory, decrease stress, reduce inflammation, and help get those creative juices flowing. Have a picnic, go for a hike, or simply sit and reflect.

Recipe: Cauliflower Salad with Avocado Pesto Dressing

Ummmm, what?! How delightful is this salad that looks like it's meant for summer but can secretly be made all - year - long!Check it out hereand take some time to poke around the rest of The Endless Meals amazing recipes.

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