August 21 Day Challenge


Okay, loves! Time to take a second and figure out what your body needs for Day 16. You have the option of three different yoga flows to get after for today and you can either take it easy (Yoga for Recovery), go a little half and half (Yoga for Feeling Like a Boss), or feel the burn (Yoga for Strength). Really stop and let yourself assess what is best and then make it happen.

Yoga3 copy.jpg

Yoga for Recovery

Yoga for Feelin’ Like a Boss

Yoga for Strength

Happiness Practice: Being Honest With Ourselves 

You can simply use your five minutes of mindfulness today on recognizing and telling yourself the truth about which yoga you need today or you can pick a different topic entirely. Focus in for five minutes and reflect on a subject matter you feel you may not be telling yourself 100% of the truth on. Do not judge yourself, the subject at hand, or what your future self may do. Just walk through all the pros, cons, possible consequences (good and bad), and what would truly be best for you and your crew. Then do it. No excuses.

Recipe: Ok, it's not fall yet but... 

Squash season is right around the corner and there's nothing like a beautiful squash recipe waiting for you when it hits. Check out this lovely recipe from Oh She Glows.

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