August 21 Day Challenge


I hope those legs are feeling oh-so-fine. Today we are slowing things down and getting into our first yoga flow of the challenge. For our yoga days we have one flow for all levels to participate in and feel nice and refreshed together.


All Levels

Happiness Practice: Reflect on Those Wonderful People 

Take out a timer and set it for 5 minutes. Find a quiet corner of the house or apartment, let the mind relax, and reflect on someone who has been a positive role model in your life. It could be someone from when you were growing up or someone in your life currently. What do they do (or did they do) that makes (made) them so influential? How did they make you feel about yourself? How did they treat themselves? How can you bring a bit of that to your community today or later this week?

Recipe: Vegan Buddha Bowl Three Ways 

Nothing like a bowl of veggies and grains to make the soul and body happy. The Minimalist Vegan is bring you a bonus set with these three bowls in one post for today's recipe of the day!

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