August 21 Day Challenge


Hello, hello athletes! Today we have the Franklin workout and it's a beaut. We are getting after three sets of cycles today with the last one being a lovely cycle ladder. For those of you new to the program, a cycle is a continueous flow of movements for a set duration. So for the first one below, you will keep moving for the full 12 minutes and the second you finish your jumping squats you will start right back in on your lunges.

The last cylce is a Cycle Ladder. Every time you finish your final rep of a round, you will add two reps to the follow round. So we start out with 2 and 2, then you will complete 4 Burpees and 4 Lunges, then 6 and 6, and so on. Mark in your Training Journal how many you got up to by the end!

The scaling options are listed in parenthasis underneath each movement on the videos. As always, all videos are below.

Check out the WPT Spotify page to rock out while rocking your workout!


Level One

Level Two

Level Three

Happiness Practice: Lily Pad to Success

Download this worksheet here or take out a blank piece of paper. Write down a single goal you have and when you want to complete it by. Break the time between now and then into 5 pieces and write down the dates starting with the furthest one away. Then think of everything you need to do in order to make that goal a reality. Place those to-dos within the appropriate timeslots or work backwards from the furthest checkpoint (the one where you finish) and figure out your to-dos that way.

For example, let's say you want to write a book within a year. Your furthest checkpoint would be Final Draft - 1 year from now. Then you would place first draft, chapter breakdowns, outline, etc. within the sub-checkpoints leading up to the final date.

Tape this somewhere you'll see every day and get to it!

Recipe: Smoothie Bowl

It's finally time where this is appropriate to eat! Smoothie bowls are some of my favorites for breakfast, lunch, dessert - you name it! Check out this verision from Two Peas and Their Pod.

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