August 21 Day Challenge


Welcome to Day 01! Tomorrow you will get after our Benchmark Tests & Workout whenever is best for you. Pick which level you'd like, lace up those shoes, and hit play.

If you haven't downloaded your Training Journal yet, then click here and print out to track all your awesome progress! Below are Day 01's workout cards, Happiness Practice, and a great recipe link for the day. All videos are waiting below for you to kick their butt!

If any movement doesn't feel right or is too difficult at this time - always scale! There are a list of options on the right side of the screen for you to change and switch around the movements. You will get better results and feel your best if you listen to what your body needs.

Bring it together! Local meet-up tomorrow at 6:45 am will be held at the south end of St. Raymond's parking lot (Shabonee and 83). All you will need is a mat and a kick-ass attitude. All levels and feel free to bring a friend even if they're not participating in the challenge.


Level One

Level Two

Level Three

Happiness Practice:  All The Good About You

Take out a blank piece of paper and set a timer for 2 Minutes. Hit go and write everything you love and like about yourself. This can be physical, mental, or emotional attributes, habits, or qualities. Do not stop writing for the full two minutes. Once the timer is up, stop and take an extra minute to reflect on how amazing you are. Those attributes, habits, and qualities brighten people's days and had a far greater impact on the world than we tend to recognize.

Recipes: Shaved Brussel Sprout, Lentil, Bacon, & Pear Salad

Summer salads just make the whole world a better place. Check out this green harvest of deliciousness by Happy Yolks. This is a quick change recipe into vegan style if you rock the no-meat life and is still super hearty and superb.

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