21 Day Challenge: Yoga

18/21: "Peaceful Badass, you are." -Yoda (if he had the pleasure of meeting you)

We are closing in on the end, people! Day 18 is our last flow and we will start in the seated position and move through into standing. Listen to your body and go to where it feels like a lovely (sometimes muscle burning) stretch or pose. 

Let's close this out strong!


Yoga Flow

Happiness Practice: Call your mama (or aunt or grandmother) 

Touch base with one of the strong, inspiring women in your life and see how they're doing. Tell them a bit about what's going on in your life, ask what's happening in their's, ask some out-of-the-blue questions about their life, their past, their ideas and theories on life. Go ahead and talk about anything and everything. Another double joy type of Happiness Practice. 

Recipe: Movie Night Platter

I adore movie nights! One of my all-time favorite recipe blogs Green Kitchen Stories has provided us with this fantastic Movie Night Platter collection of quick recipes to make the next one extra delish. 

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