21 Day Challenge: Yoga


Day 16 is our bonus yoga flow and it's time to take what you've been practicing and put it to use. Take a few minutes before you start your flow and check in with your body and mind. What do they most need at the moment? Are you craving a muscle burning flow? Something more relaxing? A little balance work? I've put up a number of the flows from the All-Star Membership and you can pick whichever one you'd like to best provide for what you are craving at the moment. 

Happy choosing and enjoy!


Happiness Practice: Plan a Screenless Sunday 

Look ahead and plan for a screenless Sunday. Get ahead of any emails, set a reminder to delete social media apps from your phone Saturday night, and make a plan for some fun activities instead of watching television. Taking 24 hours to detach from the screens is a great way to recognize how often we reach for it without even thinking and to help relax the mind from feeling like we're always connected. 

Recipe: Game Night Crispy Potato Bruschetta 

Why are people so creative?! Check out this awesome option for a game night or dinner party treat everyone will love. Another great site too to poke around and she everything she has to offer. 

Yoga Brunch.png
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