Again, amazing work getting after your Benchmarks for Day 10. Do not fret if you didn't see a gain in reps or went down a little bit. You've been pushing your body hard for the last ten days and your muscles are (supposed to be) a bit sore. Keep up the fantastic work and intensity. We'll have a bit of a mini-taper before Day 21 and those tests don't stand a chance!

Today is all about gently stretching the body and centering the mind. Really focus on how each part of your body is feeling. What feels great? What needs a little more attention? Nice deep breaths throughout the flow to really maximize the recovery!


Happiness Practice: Think of Three Special People from Your Past  

Take five to ten minutes today to reflect on three special people from your past. Taking time to remember those no longer with us without the framework of wishing they were there, can have a profound impact on our relationship to our past, present, & future. People, places, and ways of living are in a constant state of flux. When we practice looking back with respect and joy without longing for it to be our current way of life, then we reduce our anxiety about the future and are able to be more present with those around us. 

Recipe: Stuffed Zucchini Boats 

What a perfect blend of light and hearty! Stuffed Zucchini jam-packed with Italian Sausage, quinoa, and tomatoes. Yes, please.  

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