21 Day Challenge


Today we have the Stark Workout and it's on the shorter end of the workouts we'll see this challenge. That sounds lovely, doesn't it? Yeah, let's just say it's going to be lovely. 

Today is about moving quickly and getting in as much as you can while maintaining strong form. See how your mind and body both react to the amp up and what it takes for you to boost yourself up into making it happen! 

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Level One

Level Two

Level Three

Workout named after musical badass Ethel Stark who was the first woman to conduct at Carnegie Hall and founder of the Montreal Women’s Symphony Orchestra.

Happiness Practice: Go Outside 

Spending time in the sun and in nature is a great way to boost your mood, clear your mind, and let the stress of the day wash away. It helps link us to our surroundings and strengthen our place in the world. (Usually giving us the quick realization that we make up a teeny, tiny part of it... but that that is a-okay.) 

Recipe: Everyday Green Curry

Two hands up for curry! Not only is curry delicious, but it has a number of health benefits to pile on. It's a great anti-inflammatory, aids in digestion, and helps fight off bad bacterias. Check out this easy recipe from Gimme Some Oven to start adding more curry to your kitchen habits!

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