21 Day Challenge


I hope you had a great day off and are ready to get back to it! Day 08 is the Lovelace Workout and it's all about focusing in on a couple movements and rocking some solid form and intensity.

Bring on all the good, sweaty, endorphine fueled feels today!

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Happiness Practice: Gratitude Check-ins 

Expressing gratitude is one of the fastest ways to calm the nervous system and feel more connected to the world around us. First thing off the bat, name three things that you are grateful for. After lunch, name three more things and by the end of the day share an expression of gratitude with someone who's actions you are grateful for. I promise you'll make their day and feel great yourself. 

Recipe: Avocado Chickpea Tuna Salad

Bring on the springtime feels with this fresh salad from Cafe Delites. Great for picnics or prepping for the week and having an easy go-to dinner ready when you get home. 

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