21 Day Challenge


Nothing like the first workout back after yoga. Today we are getting after our Kahlo Workout and will need a weighted household object or free weight and a chair, couch, or bench - no, we will not be lounging quite yet. 

You are putting in amazing work that lasts far longer than any workout or yoga flow could. Give yourself a self high-five for simply showing up and getting after it! 

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Level One

Level Two

Level Three

Workout named after badass artist Frida Kahlo. Ms. Kahlo was a surrealist artist who’s self portraits and portrayals of personal pain and suffering are recognized around the world. Fun Fact: Her and her husband ended up building two homes next to one another and connecting them by a walkway because they didn’t want to live in the same house.

Happiness Practice: Dance It Out  

Sometimes you just need to blare some tunes, rock some killer dance moves, and let the happiness fly! Find some of your old time favorites and turn the volume to 11. 

Recipe: Chocolate Quinoa Breakfast

Fiiiiine, I'll eat chocolate for breakfast. Check out this beautiful recipe from A Sweet Pea Chef that lets you get creative with all the colorful, fruity toppings of choice. Delish!

Why is the internet so funny?!

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