21 Day Challenge

19/21: Taking it Down a Notch

Day 19's workout is about getting the body moving, but keeping the intensity scaled back a bit. We're letting our bodies rest up a bit before we close out with our final benchmark and it's important to get in a low-key workout beforehand. 

Welcome to the homestretch! 

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Happiness Practice:  Simple Change Up to the Routine  

Set a alarm clock 10 minutes earlier than normal. Get up, make yourself some tea, coffee, or lemon water and just relax. Allow yourself to pause and simply enjoy the time. Curl up in a comfy chair, sit outside, or wherever you may like. Enjoy and take in the change a simple shake up to your day can create. 

Recipe: Garlic Stuffed Mushrooms

Prep these little suckers and bake when needed. Pick up some large portabellos to make them more of an entree recipe. Yeah!

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