21 Day Challenge


You are a pro at this point. Day 15's workout is two sets of rounds. You'll need a household weighted object or a free weight for your rainbow squats and your kickass enthusiasm for the rest of it. 

You are awesome and going to close this out challenge out with a bang!

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Workout Videos

Level One

Level Two

Level Three

Workout named after badass writer & illustrator Beatrix Potter who wrote the classic Peter Rabbit books.

Happiness Practice:  Unhappy Happiness 

Sometimes the best kind of Happiness Practice is learning to be okay with the cruddy feelings. By not trying to distract yourself from or ignore the pain and letting yourself accept that it's a temporary state, you are teaching yourself to be okay with the not okay. This leads to a more content day-to-day and a happier understanding of self. 

Recipe: Miso Butter Roasted Radishes

Switch up the veggie option tonight with this amazing recipe from The Endless Meal. Perfect light springy/summer option to pair with BBQ or throw on top of salad. 

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