21 Day Challenge


I hope you all feel refreshed and refocuses after yoga and are ready to take on the Hurston Workout. For all the home levels, if you find it hard to support yourself in either the side planks or the side hip dips then place your forarm on a couch instead of the floor. This will put less pressure on your joints and less strain on your muscles, but will still give you a killer workout and help your body lock on great form. 

You are amazing!!! Keep it up. 

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Workout Videos

Level One

Level Two

Level Three

Workout named after badass writer Zora Neale Hurston who wrote the breathtaking book Their Eyes Were Watching God, Barracoon, and many more. Highly recommend add her work to your reading list if you haven’t experienced the pleasure yet.

Happiness Practice: Funny Times 

Think of a moment that made you double over in laughter. Why was it so funny? Who was there with you? If it was someone who you haven't spoken to in awhile, then reach out and say hi. Let them know that great memory popped into your head and made you smile. Then one moment of happiness turns into two. 

Recipe: Broccoli & Feta Vegetable Frittata

Veggies for breakfast. Brilliant. This recipe blog is absolutely stunning and is overloaded with fantastic recipes for all occasions. Check out all they have to offer. #Delish

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