21 Day Challenge


Nice work on getting after Day 01/21. I hope you enjoyed guzzling down an absurd amount of water and subsequently finding out where all those hidden bathroom are around the office. Yay! for hydration. 

Day 02/21's workout is a grind set up where we will have three CYOAs sandwiching two sets of rounds. For all the newbies, a CYOA is a Choose Your Own Adventure and you get to pick any cardio-based movement you'd like for the set duration. You can run, swim, bike, row, jog/walk combo, jump rope, get after some stair repeats, dance, hoola hoop...whatever! Get out there and make it happen. 

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Workout Videos

Level One

Level Two

Level Three

Workout named after philosophical badass writer Simone de Beauvoir who’s work focused on a range of matters including feminism, ethics, politics, and more.

Happiness Practice: Tally the Good 

Keep a running tally throughout the entirety of Day Two of all the positive and good things you see, hear, feel, learn about, etc. Our brain works just like a muscle in the sense that when we repeat a certain mental task over and over again that take becomes easier and something we lean towards when the subconscious kicks in. Teaching the brain to find the good around us is one nifty tool and it'll make us feel lighter and happier for our Day Two!

Recipe: Veggie Le Crunch 

Sprouted Kitchen coming in clutch with this veggie recipe sure to make the pickiest veggie eater line up for seconds. Get creative and add your own additions to see what kind of creations you can make!

Work it!

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