21 Day Challenge

20/21: Nice and Relaxed Adventure

We're still keeping the intensity low for Day 20 in preparation for tomorrow's benchmark workout. If the weather is nice, get outside and enjoy a bit of nature (workout + happiness practice!). You are truly amazing for getting after all the programming so far. Have fun and I'll see you tomorrow!

Happiness Practice: Spend Some Time in Nature

Get outside and take in some fresh air. (And if you're like me... some much needed sunlight.) You'll amp up your body's Vitamin D, feel a bit lighter in the mind, and will get away from the screens and distractions! So many ways of winning. 

Recipe: Sweet Mother of Heaven

For all the newbies, here's a special post workout treat you're going to loooooove. As always, I recommend making in small batches so you don't eat a weeks worth in one sitting. Not that I've done that... recently. 

Peanut Butter.png
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