21 Day Challenge


Day 13 is all about the sprints. We're warming up with a nice easy set of whichever movement (run, swim, bike, row, etc.) you'd like and then moving into a series of sprints of that same movement. We have a nice long recovery after each one (relatively speaking), so push yourself hard during go time and let yourself refuel during the rest!

Happiness Practice: Be Still 

Find a quiet corner of the house or apartment (or yard if you have crazy minions running around) and take three deep breaths just to be still. Close your eyes, inhale... and exhale, and simply let yourself acknowledge the moment. Three breaths. That's it. Then go about your lovely day with the relaxing knowledge that you found time to be one with your surroundings. 

Recipe: Sweet Potato Toast

Okay, crazy. Check out these amazing options for sweet potato toast to change things up while still being pretty fabulous.

Screen Shot 2019-04-12 at 6.56.29 PM.png
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