21 Day Challenge


Ohhhhh yeah. Time for our first Choose Your Own Adventure and we're going after a medium length one for Day 06. Our CYOA is just like the smaller units we saw on Day 02, but now they are extended out into our full workout. The movement is totally up to you - swim, walk, run, bike, cycle, ski, surf, row, stair repeats... and then go rock it for your duration. You are always welcome to mix and match to create your own triathlon or biathlon within the timeframe too. Get on with your crazy self!

Happiness Practice: Tell Someone How Much You Adore Them 

Tell a friend, your partner, a co-worker, the mailman how much you appreciate they are in your life and why you adore them. It could be how hard they work or how kind and compassionate they are. Could be how well they make pancakes, how well they rock their own personal style, or how happy they make you feel simply by being there. 

Recipe: Black Bean and Avocado Salad

Fresh and bright salad to spruce up your day and clear your mind. Pluuuuus makes a great quick go to lunch to pack in the bag or bring on an impromptu picnic. 

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