September Challenge

We are going to start our fall off right with a brand new of the 21 Day Challenge! Three weeks of workouts, yoga, Happiness Practices, and some good old Healthy Eating Guidelines.

Below you will find everything you need to get you started. On the night of the 8th you will receive your first challenge email and the first pop-up card will appear below with all the follow along videos, your day’s Happiness Practice, and one of my favorite recipes from around the internet.

I have linked three bonus days below for you to jump in early if you’d like to get after a couple workouts before we officially begin. Simply click on the square and it will bring your right there!

Keep up the good work

Keep rocking your workouts even though you are all done and kicked that challenge’s booty! As amazing humans you also get 20% off your first month, 3-Month, or first year of the All-Star Membership when you use code SEPTCHAMP.

 Workouts (Click square for day’s page)

Bonus Workouts

Click on the tile to bring you to the workout page where all the videos and levels are located!

Time: ARound 40 Minutes

Equipment: None

Time: Around 35 Minutes

Equipment: Weighted Household Object or Free Weight

Time: Around 35-40 Minutes

Equipment: None


Time: Around 40 Minutes

Equipment: Weighted Household object or free weight

Time: Around 45 Minutes

Equipment: Weighted Household object or free weight

Welcome Packet

Healthy Eating Guidelines: September

Training Journal

September Training Journal Cover.jpg

Healthy Eating Guidelines Full three week Booklet (optional)

Here is our 21 Day Healthy Eating Guideline Booklet if you are looking for something a little more defined than this month’s parameters. You are more than welcome to follow or simply get after our three rules of the month!

Healthy Eating Guidelines.png