August Challenge Homepage

We are going to close out the summer with a new style of the 21 Day Challenge! This month we are fully focusing on our workouts, getting into some yoga flows, and all the good stuff, but when it comes to our food we are only going to focus on three things… 1.) Drink 40-80 oz of water a day 2.) Enjoy at least three pieces of fruits and three helpings of veggies a day. 3.) No fast food.

Also! We are meeting up to do the workout as a group at a number of local places around Mount Prospect over the course of the Challenge. We’ll meet every Monday and Wednesday morning at 6:45 am. Absolutely no pressure to come to every one or any at all, but we’re getting the band together and planning on having some fun.

If you are out of the area and want to create your own meet-up - go for it! And send some pics over so we can see all your sweaty, smiling faces!!

Challenge starts August 5th with the first workout card popping up the night of the 4th so you have time to prepare.

Intersession until the next challenge!



Your next day’s workouts, yoga, or rest will pop up the night before so you have time to plan your upcoming badassery. If you are participating in our meet-ups, then you can get a gauge for what’s in store. Download your training journal below to track everything over the course of the three weeks to really understand how amazing you are!

Starter Material

If this is your first challenge, dive on into your starter materials below! If this is not your first, you will recognize most of the material, but our Healthy Eating Guidelines for the month are super simplified and straightforward, so flip to the back of the welcome booklet below before we begin to be prepared.

You can also download the .Numbers, .Excel, or .PDF mini booklets for a digital tracking option. (Formatting may be slightly thrown depending on system, but feel free to manipulate any way your heart desires!)

Training Journal

Print this bad boy out, fill in each day as you complete, and send back to win a free month of the All-Star Membership.

Welcome Packet

If you are new to the 21 Day Challenges, then take a peek at the welcome packet below to get you ready for the fun ahead.

21 Day Welcome August Cover.jpg