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Welcome! Here at Work. Play. Train. we’re all about creating programs that are fun, flexible, and…well… pretty badass.

Past participants have gone from being able to do a single push-up in a minute to doing 25, lost weight., increased strength, confidence, and an understanding of their health both mentally and physically, and so much more.

All Work. Play. Train. programs are designed for maximum participation and safety. Each workout comes with three video options to make sure every fitness level can participate and get after their goals the way their body needs. All-in-all we have a blast and I hope to see you from the internet soon!

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“Liz is our champion in every way! We all loving training with her, not only for our physical well-being but for our mental well-being as well. Liz is a force of optimism and her enthusiasm and drive are contagious!”

Ashley D.


Work. Play. Train. Philosophy

Health is not about how much weight you can stack on a barbell or how many push-ups you can do in a row. It’s about knowing you are capable day in and day out to handle anything life throws at you - physically, mentally, and emotionally. At Work. Play. Train. we believe in a balanced life full of sweaty workouts, self-reflection, and real connection with those around us.

This is a zero judgement zone and we aim to create a space where you feel motivated to accomplish all your physical goals, inspired to quiet the mind, and supported to take each dimension of health into your own hands. (But don’t worry, we’ll be here each step of the way.)

All fitness levels welcome to join our programs and if you have any questions at all, please ask!

xo, Liz 

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What are 21 Day Challenges?

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21 Day Challenges are designed to get you in shape no matter what your past relationship to fitness has been. Every evening your membership page will be updated with four different version of the next day’s workout, a follow along yoga flow, or programmed rest depending on what the training calls for. The four workout levels are:

  • Foundations Athlete: For those who have never participated in a fitness program or are just getting back into it. (Can be done at home, on the road, or in a dorm.)

  • Everyday Athlete: For those who are active and are looking to try out the full-body and mind workout. (Can be done at home, on the road, or in a dorm.)

  • Advanced Athlete: For those who regularly workout on the daily and want a new challenge. (Can be done at home, on the road, or in a dorm.)

  • Gym Rat Athlete: For those who love the weights and want to test out a body/mind/soul approach to training. (Equipment needed.)

Also included are simple tips and tricks to making the transition to a more healthy lifestyle easier, Happiness Practices, and a few of my favorite recipes from around the internet. I’ll help you keep track of your amazing progress and provide any guidance you need over the three weeks.