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Kids who lead active lives are less prone to lifestyle diseases like obesity, diabetes, heart disease and depression. Learning how to enjoy fitness and make healthy choices now makes stronger, happier teens and adults. Work. Play. Train. has traveled the country helping bring fitness fun to kids everywhere and we are so excited to bring you your very own in-home and in-class programs.

Try our free Superhero Training workout to get kid's up and moving today!

Check out our downloadable programs below or email us about school or gym visits. 

Superhero Training

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Train like a superhero with your very own Superhero Training Journal, League of North Star Heroes' Workouts, Good Deed Tracker and more. 

Superhero Training is sure to have your kids up and moving in the most heroic way possible. Each downloadable journal comes with seven hero workouts and bios, pages to fill in their own superhero name, symbol, and backstory and journal pages to track their training. Upload a copy or photo of their finished Training Journal and they will receive a personalized letter from one of the North Star Heroes and their very own League of North Star Heroes membership card. 

Movement video demoes can be found on our Agent O'Shea's Movement Library page and thorough descriptions are written out in the back of your hero's training journal. 

Important: Each size family pack comes with one downloadable journal for you to print as many times as needed. Family packs are to ensure each child receives their own official membership card and personalized letter as a reward for completing their training journal. 

Good luck and may your skies be clear!

(ages 6-13)

Superclass Training - Coming Soon

Keep kids active throughout the school day with our Superclass Training program. Each teacher will receive a .pdf packet with Superhero Worksheets for each student to draw their symbol and superhero name, League Challenge Guidelines (single class), Inner School League Challenge (classroom verse classroom) Guidelines, Ten Training Breaks (each workout is between 3 and 5 minutes - includes yoga and meditation) and more. 

Let's see what your class is made of!


SUPER SCHOOL Visits - Coming Soon

Get the whole school involved in a School Assembly or class visits where we talk about what it means to be a hero, how we can be a day-to-day hero, how the mind and body are connected and more. And of course, we'll make sure to get in a mini-training session to wrap it all up. 

Coordinators will receive a .pdf packet of the Superclass Training to distribute to teachers and take home flyers for parents and guardians prior to event. 

Middle School or Junior High programs available. Email for availability and pricing.

Run Superhero Classes and events - COMING SOON

Customized Superhero Training Programs designed for your gym, hospital, or facility. In-person, staff training, workshops and seminars available. 

Email us today to learn more about working with Work. Play. Train. to bring Superhero Training to your homebase!