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Healthier employees, stronger Company

Elevate your corporate wellness program to the next level and provide a program employees actually want to engage with. 

Weekly Programming

Your employees receive their week's programming every Sunday evening including a brand new workout video, seven days of training, a Mental Strength Practice, and a Happiness Drill. Then on Wednesday evenings we do check-ins and deliver a full Yoga Video for everyone to follow along with on Thursday.

We offer Four Training options every week, so employees of all fitness levels can participate. Programs include: Foundations, Daily Warrior, Road Warrior, and Gym Warrior.

individual Log-ins

Every employee receives their own individual log-in on our Corporate Grind website so they can access their training, movement library, downloadable worksheets and more no matter if they are in the office, working from home, or on the road.

Full Dimensional Health

The foundation of our company is encouraging attention to our full, dimensional health. Employees who possess stress management tools, practice gratitude, and self-awareness techniques are healthier mind, body, and soul and are have higher daily satisfaction both in and out of the office. This helps create a stronger and more genuine community in the office and happier employees overall.

Life is better when we're healthy of mind, body, and spirit.

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