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supporting a healthier generation

College students are faced with a broad range of stress factors. Pressure to excel in the classroom, understanding new relationships, planning for their future... the list goes on and on and on. More often than not, they are left without any real guidance on how to manage these stressors and it results in higher levels of depression, illness, lifestyle diseases, and anxiety. We fully believe providing a well-rounded and intelligently designed program that addresses the physical, mental, and conscious spheres of health can create a happier, healthier, and more centered generation.

Show your school pride with Custom Branding of the Weekly Programming and Emails. On Campus Events and Talks available

Adaptive Programming

Every week students receive their week's programming with 4 Different Tracks to choose from so students of all ability levels can participate. These include Foundations, Everyday Athlete, Dorm Warrior, & Gym Rat. 

Programs include seven days of programming (including one new full workout video & one new yoga video), Mental Strength Practice, and Happiness Practice. 

Upon sign up, every student is sent a Campus Grind eBook, Downloadable Training Journal, Jumpstart Program, access to the Campus Grind Movement Library, Scaling Packet, Super Lazy, Healthy Kitchen eBook, and more.

Super Lazy, Healthy Kitchen

We provide 4 Super Lazy, Healthy Kitchen eBooks a year for students to have access to easy-to-make healthy recipes on a budget while providing them the tools to understand what eating healthy looks and feels like. We include vegetarian and gluten free recipes as well to make sure everyone has access to understanding how to eat well. 

Lifelong wellness tools

Our Mental Strength Practices and Happiness Practices in the Campus Grind are developed to address many of the stress management skills and self guided wellness skills more and more young adults do not have the opportunity to learn. These include introductions to meditation, guided meditation, self reflection skills, tips on how to build community, understanding and building healthy relationships, leaving unhealthy relationships, and many more. 

On Campus Events and Talks

For a limited time when you purchase a year membership for your students you receive 20% our on-campus workout, meditation, and yoga events or 20% Dimensional Health seminars and talks.

Customized Branding

Show off your school pride with customized branding for your students training programs and weekly newsletter!

Monthly Student Relations Newsletter

We didn't forget about the coordinators. Every month we send out a Campus Health and Wellness Newsletter for the heads of Student Affairs. Here we share on campus initiative ideas, generations trends, health and wellness stats we're seeing across the board, and more.